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At the various security levels, the shredders of the HSM OFFICE series are designed specifically for use at the desk or as central paper shredders for large offices. Ideally technically equipped, our OFFICE shredder models ensure a permanent high capacity. The large OFFICE shredders not only shred paper, but also CDs.

HSM office shredders

Key characteristics of HSM office shredders:

  • Designed specially for continuous operation
  • Hardened solid steel cutting rollers, unaffected by staples and paper clips
  • Tried-and-tested closed gear transmission prevents dirt and wear, thus increasing the service life
  • Closed housing provides protection against paper dust
  • Rocker switch for on/off and reverse
  • Cutting rollers with patented HSM V groove
  • Automatic control via photoelectric cell (from HSM 105.2)
  • Powerful drive for high performance even when used for long periods of time - thermally protected motor

HSM 125.2 OFFICE SHREDDERThs shredder can shred paperThis shredder can shred paper clips and staplesThis shredder can shred credit cards This shredder can shred CDs

Strip Cut Multi Purpose Office Paper Shredder
"This professional data security device is the ideal central device for a mid-sized busy office. It shreds credit cards with ease and chews through paperclips and standard staples"

Mobile, high performance model for use as a shared device in busy offices. Shreds store cards, credit cards and also CDs with ease (3.9 and 5.8 mm strip cut only) as well as floppy disks (5.8 mm strip cut only). Modern electronic controller. Photoelectric cell for automatic start/stop control. On/off switch with integrated reversing function. Safety element above paper intake, with infeed slot for CDs/floppy disks. Stand-by mode with LED indicator. Stops automatically when the container is full and door is open. Collecting container with reusable collecting bag. Color: light grey.

HSM Paper Shredder 125.2  

Our Price: $1149
List Price: $2,197
Shipping:  Free

Condition: New
Availability: In stock - Usually ships next business day
Warranty:  Life time warranty on cutting blades/rollers, 2 years parts & labor

Supplies and accessories for this product:
Shredder Oil (4 -16 oz. bottles)

100 Bags for 125.2 Shredder Series
One Year Extension to Manufacturer's Standard Warranty

Two Years Extension to Manufacturer's Standard Warranty

Shredder Features:

  • HSM Office Model 125.2 Strip-Cut Paper Shredder
  • Ideal for 5-7 person office in need of a centralized shredder
  • Auto Start/Stop via electronic eye
  • Reverse button for overfed paper
  • Auto stop and container full indicator
  • Specially hardened steel cutters that are unaffected by standard paperclips and staples
  • Model 125.2 can shred credit cards and CD's in addition to paper!
  • Powerful, specially adjusted motor for longer periods of use -with thermal protection for high performance
  • The tried and tested closed tooth wheel drive prevents penetration of dirt and slows wear, thus increasing the service life
  • Enclosed housing protects against the spread of paper dust

Shredder Specifications:

HSM 125.2 Strip Cut Paper Shredder

 MPN  1272
 Shred Size  1/4"
 Sheet Capacity   28-30 sheets
 Shredder Speed  24 feet per minute
 Shred Type  Strip Cut
 Security Level  2 (Low)
 Throat Size  10"
 Waste Container Volume  20 gallons
 Shredder Dimensions  32.6" H x 17.6" W x 13.6" D
 Horse Power  0.62
 Voltage  115
 Shipping Weight  57 lbs

HSM 125.2 Office Shredder Pictures:

HSM paper shredder 125.2 in an officeHSM paper shredder 125.2 motor and cutting headHSM paper shredder 125.2 usage


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